Popcorn Optional is here for all your movie needs. Every week we will be reviewing a new movie while also breaking down new trailers, talking movie news, a fun segment or two, and wrapping up the episode with our content of the week. 


Cameron Slanina

Cameron has been a barista, writer, photographer, and a teacher but has always had a passion for movies. He loves the outdoors, road trips, tea, photography and spending time with his wife, Brittney, son, Oliver, and dog Winnie.


Jake Brown

Jake is a Director/Cinematographer based in Fort Worth, TX. When he isn't working on films or co-hosting Popcorn Optional, you can find him hanging out with his amazing wife Lauren and their lazy dog Lily, or on his bike somewhere on the Trinity Trails. 


Trevor Allison

Trevor used to be a film major, occasionally takes photos, and streams a lot of TV. He has strong opinions on some things and few opinions on others. He tries to be quiet and thoughtful but still talks a little too much. He walks to work and runs for fun. He is married and lives in Waco, TX.